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Happy Holidays

Enjoy the holidays (or just the days), and have a happy new year!

what is this i don't even

I see I have a journal, and all the craziness that comes along in the archives. I want to poke it, but I don't know what to poke it with.

A lot has changed here.

It's a little bizarre to come back to see all the differences, and still miss the benefits of a paid account when I haven't used it in years.

 Considering that I am using this again for reading comms, I might as well have a post from less than a year ago. 


Why, hello there.

I haven't been posting much of anywhere, so it's not particularly surprising that I haven't been posting here.

Life is school and that's about it at this point. I'd actually like to do well this semeseter, and not procrastinate, you see.

And really, the only reason I'm posting at all is because I'm waiting for my formula sheets to print out for my statistics class. It wouldn't take so long if the printer wasn't a strange little beast.

To Do:

This is not an interesting post, so feel free to skip it extra quickly. I can just get rid of random scraps of paper if I put it here.
Boring ListsCollapse )

MD Renn. Festival ASL Days

"ASL interpreted performances at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival in Crownsville.

Saturday Sept. 12, and Sunday Oct. 11, 2009 10am - 7pm, rain or shine

Schedule of interpreted shows available at the Information Pavillion.

www.rennfest.com - See website for information about directions and admission fees."

I used LJ to type it out, I might as well post it for anyone interested. The weekends are Rapiers & Roses, and Shakespeare, respectively. I'm hopefully going for Oktoberfest.

Procrastination is a sickness.

One which I display all the symptoms to. Tomorrow at 10 I'll be meeting Mari-Bess at my house so I can follow her to help her move -- it's 7am now.

Catching up on my Common As the Rain/Eros was worth it, though. I need to buy more books, silly as that sounds. A bookcase to put the ones I have in would be nice, so that they're not scattered about in piles and boxes to trip over...

Good morning, everyone. I'm going to bed.

Jul. 6th, 2009

Going to go get crap out of the trunk, then doing something fun. Don't know what, but something.

Why is it always that I just want to -- " 8oqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq", interrupts Nubbins -- do something, I have work in the morning?

And since he's talented, the cat also managed to hit the correct buttons to make my preview/post entry buttons go away. Cheers!


As one can imagine, it's a lot of fun getting ready for a long roadtrip as long as the rest of those participating are helping. Not so much when you are having to do everything yourself. xP My consolation is that I'll be spending a week and a half with Becky. <3

    My to do list is as follows:
  • pack suitcases (mine & Eric's)
  • pack car bags - food & games
  • clean trip car
  • clean my car so Daddy can drive it
  • blah
  • arrange for pets' feeding and welfare
  • clean Eric's bathroom for John if the doo-doo water isn't fixed*

It doesn't seem like so much there, but all the little things that have to go into these things are irritating. I haven't had to do so much laundry in a long time.

It will be a lot of fun, though. I've got the maps and we've got some CDs, and we'll be ever so relieved once we get there! :D The only issue is feralmage and Eric in the same car. :\ If there are massive explosions I will be sure to update.

* It's a long story. The water in the basement comes out smelling like a sewage treatment plant-- it's the actual water, if they put it in a glass and bring it out of the bathroom, it still stinks. But it's only the water in the basement... The plumber is coming today, thank god.