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User piiiics, & Miscellency

I miss my user pics, and the ones LJ left me with when I downgraded aren't the ones I'd choose, really. :B

I'll see if I post more and then I will think about going bak to a paid account, but there's no use wasting all that money.


In other news, headed down to Florida for a vacation. :D It will be fun and delightful, except for the part that involves driving the whole way. 5-day Disney passes, here we come!

I don't want to work tomorrow... But since I am, I will head to bed.

Oh, wait...

That wasn't the horrible sound of a cat dying, it was just Nubbins yawning.

March Books

One of the things I've been meaning to do this year is keep track of what I've been reading throughout the year, and to try and make sure I read at least five books a month. I'd like to read more, but sometimes I just won't be able to, so five is a safe number.

A Love So Strong, Arlene James 3/04

-edit- Can we tell this plan didn't work at all?


Maybe I read that email wrong... It says the homework is due today, but that on 2/24 "you will have chapter 2 case project due as well as in class Quiz 1." That leads me to believe my quiz is next week. Which makes sense, considering we are a once a week class instead of a twice a week class...


Cheeky Target Card!

"We're sorry, the balance on this card is zero. It sure goes fast, doesn't it?"

I am amused.


In other news, the I key on my board seems to be having some difficulties. Or it might just be my index finger, there's no way to know, really.

Had a test this morning in Discrete math, I did a lot better than I thought I would... Especially considering I haven't attended very many of the classes and I couldn't find my textbooks to study. :B I'm anticipating that the quiz this evening in my IT101 class will be easy enough, but I'm going to finish up the homework and study anyway, it's not like there's anything else to do from 1:15 to 4:30. :|

Wish me luck! xD

Stuff and Things

    "Education, to be education, requires a sense of the uncertain and the unknown. Its greatest enemy is not ignorance, but expertise."
    - George W. Johnson

Knitting quietly. How the hell are you supposed to do that? I'm just glad I have my bamboo needles and not my aluminum ones for this project, otherwise I'd be stuck out in the JC instead of the library. :B

I also ran off to go to class, got there, and then realized that my class starts at noon, not 10:30. I hope I didn't just randomly interrupt that class...

I Love the JC

No, I don't really, but it's better than nothing. It's likeable, though, definitely. It is funny, though, every time one of the ROTCers walks by I turn to look at them, I don't know why, something about the uniform. It's the same with the wheelchairs that pass, I have to glance over. It's not like John or anyone I know who wears a uniform will be here, but I have to look anyway. It keeps me entertained, I guess.

I still have 15 minutes until I need to walk to class... Can anyone figure out why exactly they need to slate an entire hour for a 15 question, multiple choice quiz that's open note, open book, and performed on the computer? No, I couldn't either. I should have just gotten out of lab, but no, they apparently think we're idiots and can't take an open note quiz in less than 60 minutes. Even though there is a nice lady that's pretty clueless... I envision she will be a problem for the lab instructor and the TAs all semester. The lecture professor just flat annoys the crap out of me, she's so frazzled all the time, I can't stand it. I am well aware of the difficulties of teaching, but seriously, take a minute to get your shit together, instead of repeating the same wrong information over and over for five minutes. Eventually the class gets so fed up there's a chorus of people calling out the correct variable names, etc, in stereo. Faaaabulouuuus.


Yay, Homework.

I'm just going to state for the record that I'm glad of the policy in one of my classes that states homework doesn't need to be turned in until just before midnight of the day it's due. :) It saves me from having to do an assignment and be sleep deprived.

It'll be nice to get a paycheque so I can get my paid goodies back. xD Also, trying to ignore the boys watching Scarred.

Will post things from the birthday eventually.

That is all.


Welcome Back to University

The semester didn't get off to a very good start, so far. I woke up late, and left the house late, and since GMU doesn't give you a temporary parking pass when you purchase it online, I had to spend 15 minutes going to pick up the spring parking placard. Yay! The good news is I know not to try to park on the main campus, the bad news is it means that I walk all the way across campus and it's really really cold. D:

I ended up being 45 minutes late to an hour and fifteen minute class. Swell! I thought it went until 12:15 for some reason, but it was 10:15. =\ At least I was able to go get the syllabus, see most of the important stuff, and sign in on the sign in sheet.

Now I'm stuck here (the random seating aread at the JC) until my lab begins at 3:30. What a day.

All in all I'm excited, I've been waiting for classes to begin again, I just wish it had gone a little better.

PS- I also found out my exam for this class is at 7:30 in the morning. :( Someone save me.